If you are searching for townhouse designs or duplex designs then get in touch with Hargreaves Design Group to discuss your next building project.


The team at Hargreaves Design Group are town planning experts and can quickly and efficiently assist you with your upcoming project.


Whether it be a dual occupancy, factory, warehouse, shed, change of use, multi-residential development, apartments or any other building that requires a planning permit.


We offer packages to suit your individual needs. These include:

  • Site Feature and Level Survey (by licensed Surveyor)
  • Design, including Site and Floor plans
  • Drafting, including Elevations, Streetscape, Shadow Diagrams, Design Response plan
  • Written statements
  • Preparation and lodgement of the application with Council
  • Liaison with delegated planning officer
  • Advertising


Being a development consultant is a specialised skill. With over 20 years experience in town planning & building permits, the team at Hargreaves Design Group have a clear and comprehensive understanding of Council requirements and processes. We use this knowledge and experience to help you obtain your planning approval.


We engage a Land Surveyor to provide a site feature and level survey of the site and surrounding properties.


We obtain the location of underground pipes & assets from the relevant authorities.


We design the development, taking into consideration your needs as the owner, as well as ensuring the design complies with council requirements.


We prepare all plans and written statements required by the Council and lodge the application on your behalf.


2 weeks later – Council will assign a planner to the application.

4 -6 weeks later – Councils preliminary feedback (RFI) is received raising any concerns with the development or further info required.

4 weeks later – Amended plans and any further documentation requested (possibly from external consultants) is resubmitted into council for their final check over the plans before Advertising the application (beware the industry is very busy and it may take many weeks to have external consultants produce relevant documentation).

4 weeks later – Advertising sign goes up on your property.

2 weeks later – Advertising sign comes down and we follow up with council to see if any neighbours have objected.


If no objections are received, you will receive council’s final decision (Planning Permit or Refusal) approximately 6 weeks.


If objections are received these further objections delays the process (2 months approx.) as council needs to resolve the objectors concerns and determine if they are valid or invalid objections. 4 weeks after receiving the objections Council will then issue a Notice of Decision.


A Notice of Decision is basically a Permit or Refusal which is sent to all the objectors advising the development will be supported/ not supported by council and if any objector or the applicant wishes to take the application to VCAT, they have 28 days to do so (applicant has 60 days). Belong council support the application; this is where we have to wait 28 days from the date the Notice of Decision is issued and afterwards check that no appeals have been made to VCAT and the Planning Permit gets issued immediately after that.


Once the Planning Permit is received, we will review the conditions on the permit. This is generally where council request a Landscaping Plan & Drainage Design ($TBA) and will take approximately 2- 4 weeks to be completed. Some minor conditions may appear which may trigger plan changes (such as they may want additional screening to upper floor windows, minor modifications made to the plans) which will need to be amended and resubmitted into council also.


4 – 6 weeks later – We should receive a copy of the stamped Architectural, Drainage & Landscaping plans.

Other services we provide are;

House Designs
Pre Purchase Advice
Town Planning