If you are searching for drafting services or a local draftsperson then get in touch with Hargreaves Design Group to discuss your next building project.


An architectural draftsperson sees things from your point of view and puts many years of practical design experience into taking and shaping your ideas into a final concept.


Value for money is Hargreaves Design Group’s key objective when working to meet your requirements.


Our team can produce a design for your residential or commercial project from a brief or a sketch you have prepared, or an idea you have in mind. It is not essential that your draftsperson be located in the same vicinity or municipality where your project is to be located.


The Hargreaves Design Group team:

interprets client briefs and prepares and develops sketch plans for the client’s consideration


once approval is received from the client, the building designer prepares detailed architectural drawings and documentation, showing internal and external layouts of the building


analyses the design, and prepares preliminary sketches and detailed instructions


prepares working drawings showing plans, elevations, sections, materials and finishes, as well as other aspects such as electrical layouts, plumbing layouts, floor coverings plan In internal elevations


liaises with relevant consultants (structural, civil & geotechnical engineers, thermal performance assessors, land surveyors, building surveyors, planning professionals etc) to ensure all aspects required for the project are adequately addressed; examines relevant codes and local council by-laws in the course of undertaking project documentation


Draftspersons are required to be registered with the state Building Authority, in accordance with the relevant state Building Acts. Part of the registration requirement is to have in place professional indemnity insurance to the minimum amount of $10 million.


Hargreaves Design Group is registered under the category of Draftsperson, Class of Building Design (Architectural).  In accordance with the Building Act, registered building practitioners are required to adhere to certain professional standards, including performing their work in a competent manner, and to a professional standard.


We engage the relevant Contractors and Authorities to obtain the Soil Report, Land Survey, BAL Assessment, Property Information which includes Sewer SDO, Stormwater LPOD & the Property Information Certificate.


While the Soil test is underway, the Working Drawings are started and if Planning Drawings are available these plans are sent off to the structural engineers for quoting.


2 weeks later – Soil information is added to the Working Drawings and then the plans are sent off to the structural engineers to obtain a quote or make a start.


4 weeks later – Structural engineering comes back and is reviewed against the Working Drawings. Energy Ratings are now ordered.


2 weeks later – You are presented with all the documentation required to engage & submit to a private building surveyor of your choice. We recommend using a local private building surveyor.


From here you can send plans out for accurate quotes from builders. Once you engage a building surveyor, they will take 4 weeks to review the application and request further information to be shown on the plans and documents from yourself.


From there the building surveyor will stamp the plans and give you a building permit and you will be ready to start building.


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Other services we provide are;

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Multi Dwelling Developments
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