City of Bunbury Depot


Unexpected design elements distinguish the City of Bunbury Depot from the other buildings in this industrial precinct. When Hargreaves Design Group were asked to combine 3 existing depots in different locations onto one new location, we looked to create not just a functional space but a structure that was interesting with an unconventional façade. The new location needed to update all the depot’s infrastructure, landscaping bunkers, provide general storage, vehicle wash down bays, accommodate the sophisticated technology, staff and admin offices. The new buildings incorporate 1718m2 of workshop, 120m2 of workshop offices and 376m2 of general storage in one main shed. The separate 980m2 of office building has a custom orb blade wall that features signage from the street, separating the front admin and reception from the offices, staff room, and ablutions. The reception entry has an angled canopy reaching under the feature ultrabond wrapped fascia. Usually, you see the peak of the office and shed roof from the street. In contrast, we treated the front façade and had some fun with the design and concealed the roofline behind the blade wall. The feature boxed window trims are coloured to match the wrapped fascia to add colour and detail to what would otherwise present as a plain elevation. Internally the vivid orange façade colour was reflected with splashes in the carpet layout and kitchen cabinetry. The design creates a sense of space with the glass panel walls on the single offices that look into the large central open space workstations and opposite to the external surrounds. The maintenance depot, landscaping depot and civil works depot including the engineers from the central office now all now work alongside each other in a clean, ordered and fully functioning building on the one location.